Monday, April 9, 2012

Challenge Day 3: Favorite Maddie Solo

My favorite Maddie solo would have to "Angel" from Season 1. This was a beautiful dance an it really had meaning to it. In my opinion, the costume, music, and dance all fit together wonderfully.


  1. Luv ya maddie ur my favorite dancer on dance moms all ur dances are excellent and supurb i wish u could teach me dance lessons i just got a solo for the first time ever and im afraid that im gonna forget it. Maddia i loved this solo it was great i wish i could dance like u angel i dance to that song wit my friends it is amazing and i love when u dance to it ur face just lights up when i watch u i really wish i could meet u in person that would be the best thing that has ever happended to me. Great job maddie.

  2. I liked Maddie's solo "Reflections";)