Thursday, April 5, 2012


As we have seen on TV, the girls often get solos. So, I have compiled a list of solos for each girl. I am working on making a video montage of pictures of the solos for each girl. I am already done with the video for Chloe's solos and have put it in below.

2009: Thank You for the Music
2010: I Like to Fuss
2011: Ma He's Makin' Eyes at Me, La Fille Mal Gardee
2012: The Raven, I Wanna Be a Rockette
Season 1: Baby Mine, Mother, Per Les Moi, Missing You, Wish on a Star, Another Season
Season 2: Born to Sing, Proof, I Wanna Be a Rockette, In for the Thrill, Please, The Raven, Send Out Your Love, Rain Drops/Watercolors Fade, Red Queen

2009: Rhythm in Your Nursery Rhymes
2010: Big Bow Wow, Sunshine & Lollipops
2011: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, USO Show, Bei Mi Bist Du Schon
2012: Airmail Special, The Girl I Wanna Be, Quiet Voices
Season 1: Cry, USO Show, Beautiful, Angel, Universe, Disappear, Manhattan
Season 2: Star of the Show/Jubilation Bells; Snow White; Lights, Camera, Action; The Girl I Wanna Be, Maestro Man; Every Little Step; I'm Already There; All of My Life; Reflections; Quiet Voices; In My Heart

2011:  Mouse Trap
2012: The Party Starts Now
Season 1: Mouse Trap
Season 2: Showtime/My Parade/Bigger Isn't Better, The Party Starts Right Now, Shoulda Coulda Woulda

2006: Firefly
2007: Bigger Isn't Better
2009: Swingin' On a Star, Never Neverland
2010: Metamorphosis
2011: Pull of the Moon
2012: Garden of Eden
Season 1: Break Me/Fragile, Like a Supermodel, Beautiful Dangerous, Metamorphosis
Season 2: Garden of Eden, Starry Night, Who Am I?

2010: Satan's Little Lamb
2011: Waka Waka
2012: The Small Girl
Season 1: You Do, They Call Me LaQueefa, Bollywood, (she also did a Salsa Dance)
Season 2: One Small Girl/Colors of Wonder, I Will Survive, I'll Do Anything for You, Baila

2009: Brave New Girl
2010: Honey Bun
2011: Boys Boys Boys
2012: Make Some Noise
Season 1: Gemini, she also did a solo in the red costume below but I don't know what it's called
Season 2: Make Some Noise, she also had a solo with the browncostume below but I don't know what it's called:

(before she was at ALDC)
2007: Splish Splash
2008-2009: Raggedy Ann
2010: Raggedy Ann, Latin Diva, My Strongest Suit
2011: My Strongest Suit
(with ALDC)
2012: Kiss Kiss
Season 2: Bring on the Boys, Sweet Little Lies
(with Candy Apples)
Season 2: I Think I Like You, Queen of Hearts

Did I miss something? Is there something you would like to add? If so, let me know and I'll make some changes. :)

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